Bar Bar Bar

Located in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Bar Bar Bar is combines the atmosphere of a restaurant where diners can enjoy live jazz performances, with that of a jazz bar oozing with a tastefully classic ambiance.

Enjoy a beautiful encounter with jazz music and French-based cuisine on the second floor.

Savor cocktails mixed by a bartender on the first floor. Besides offering full table service, we also have English-speaking staff, so foreign visitors can feel at ease. The bar is conveniently accessible from Kannai Station on the JR Negishi Line and the Yokohama Subway Blue Line.

How to use Bar Bar Bar


Restaurant & Live space
What do you think of when you hear the word, "jazz?" There are many who have a sense that jazz is a somewhat inaccessible music genre, belonging mainly to adults, or sounding convoluted. Here, we provide our guests with two different ways to enjoy jazz on two different floors, in order to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the music. For those looking to fully indulge in the live jazz performances held everyday, we recommend sitting at the restaurant and performance area on the second floor. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the jazz performances by the unique and highly talented artists while enjoying our colorful and classy cuisine expertly crafted by our chef. In addition, guests are also welcome to reserve their favorite seats on the second floor in advance.


Bar space
At the bar floor on the first floor, you can enjoy the live jazz performance playing from the second floor. Have a relaxing time enjoying various short cocktails mixed by the bartender, or a fancy glass of whiskey. You can also have a glass while waiting for others in your party to arrive, or enjoy a drink after finishing your meal on the second floor.Please stop by on your next visit to Yokohama.


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Please check updates on our live schedule, or business information from here.

Live Schedule

How many minutes before the beginning of a performance should we come in? Also, is it possible to walk in during a performance?
Is it possible to watch the live performance while eating?
Would it be better to make a reservation?
Can I talk during the performance?
Do you have a seat you recommend?

How to enjoy 1F

How to enjoy 1F

After enjoying your dinner on the second floor while listening to the live performance, we suggest having a conversation at the bar downstairs over a glass of cocktail or whiskey. Sporting a classic atmosphere, the bar on the first floor has a distinctly refined ambiance compared to the second floor.

From short cocktails to standard cocktails, the bartender will mix your favorite cocktails.

Since the first floor is open until 3:00 late at night, you can feel free to stop by after your first round of drinks, or come in to casually spend some time just at the bar.

How to enjoy 2F

On the second floor, you can enjoy tasty dishes made by our chef, while listening to our live jazz performance. Since we have English-speaking staff as well, please do not hesitate to ask us questions or make requests.


Yokohama Napolitan
950 yen

An original Neapolitan spaghetti recipe based on our chef's experience of working at a hotel. A gem that is sure to satisfy Neapolitan spaghetti aficionados, by combining the sweetness of stir-fried onions, sourness of tomatoes, and the distinct flavors of bacon and prawns.


1,200 yen

Spare ribs cooked in homemade salty-sweet sauce. As opposed to its splendid appearance, the texture of the meat that falls off the bone will leave you addicted to the dish.

Escargot sauteed

Escargot sauteed
1,500 yen

Cooked with savory garlic butter as an accent flavor. Enjoy with a piece of toast to savor the extravagant butter flavor.

※All prices do not include tax.


Pasta etc.




※All prices do not include tax.
※Non-alcoholic drinks are available from 650 yen.







※Non-alcoholic drinks are available from 650 yen.